Can Dogs Eat Nutella? Choco Choice!

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Can Dogs Eat Nutella? — No, They can’t

While Nutel­la may be a deli­cious treat for us humans, it is not safe for dogs to con­sume. Nutel­la con­tains sev­er­al ingre­di­ents that can be harm­ful to dogs, includ­ing choco­late and sug­ar. Choco­late con­tains theo­bromine, which can be tox­ic to dogs, and sug­ar can lead to obe­si­ty and den­tal issues.

Can Puppies Eat Nutella?

Just like adult dogs, pup­pies should not be giv­en Nutel­la to eat. Their sen­si­tive sys­tems are even more vul­ner­a­ble to the poten­tial dan­gers of Nutel­la due to their small­er size. It is best to avoid feed­ing Nutel­la to pup­pies alto­geth­er.

Why is Nutella Harmful for Dogs?

There are sev­er­al rea­sons why Nutel­la is harm­ful for dogs:

Sugar and Obesity

Nutel­la con­tains a high amount of sug­ar, which can lead to obe­si­ty in dogs. Obe­si­ty can con­tribute to var­i­ous health issues, includ­ing dia­betes, joint prob­lems, and heart dis­ease. It is impor­tant to main­tain a bal­anced diet for your dog to pre­vent obe­si­ty.

Theobromine Toxicity

Choco­late, one of the main ingre­di­ents in Nutel­la, con­tains theo­bromine. Theo­bromine can be tox­ic to dogs, espe­cial­ly when con­sumed in large amounts. Dogs can­not metab­o­lize theo­bromine as effi­cient­ly as humans, which can lead to symp­toms such as vom­it­ing, diar­rhea, rapid breath­ing, increased heart rate, and even seizures.

Xylitol Content

Some­times Nutel­la may con­tain xyl­i­tol, a sug­ar sub­sti­tute that can be high­ly tox­ic to dogs. Xyl­i­tol can cause a dan­ger­ous drop in blood sug­ar lev­els and liv­er fail­ure in dogs. It is cru­cial to check the ingre­di­ent list care­ful­ly before giv­ing any food to your fur­ry friend.

Symptoms to Watch Out For After Dogs Consume Nutella

  • Vom­it­ing: If your dog con­sumes Nutel­la, they may expe­ri­ence vom­it­ing as their body tries to expel the harm­ful sub­stances.
  • Diar­rhea: Nutel­la can upset your dog’s stom­ach, lead­ing to diar­rhea. Keep an eye on their bow­el move­ments for any changes in con­sis­ten­cy or fre­quen­cy.
  • Increased Heart Rate: The theo­bromine in choco­late can cause an ele­vat­ed heart rate in dogs. Mon­i­tor your dog for any signs of a rapid pulse or rest­less­ness.

Immediate Steps to Take if Your Dog Eats Nutella

  • Induce Vom­it­ing: If your dog has recent­ly con­sumed Nutel­la, con­tact your vet imme­di­ate­ly to dis­cuss induc­ing vom­it­ing to remove the tox­in from their sys­tem.
  • Con­tact Your Vet: Even if your dog does­n’t show imme­di­ate symp­toms, it is impor­tant to inform your vet about the sit­u­a­tion. They can pro­vide fur­ther guid­ance and mon­i­tor your dog’s health.
  • Mon­i­tor and Pro­vide Water: Ensure that your dog has access to fresh water to stay hydrat­ed. Mon­i­tor­ing their behav­ior and appetite is cru­cial dur­ing this peri­od.

Safe Alternatives to Nutella

While Nutel­la is off-lim­its for dogs, there are safe alter­na­tives that they can enjoy. Con­sid­er offer­ing your dog these health­i­er food options instead:

  • Peanut But­ter — A pop­u­lar choice among dog own­ers, peanut but­ter is a tasty and safe alter­na­tive to Nutel­la. Make sure to choose a brand that does not con­tain xyl­i­tol.
  • Yogurt — Plain, unsweet­ened yogurt can be a great source of pro­bi­otics for dogs. It is impor­tant to avoid fla­vored yogurts that may con­tain arti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers or addi­tives.
  • Bananas — A nat­ur­al and healthy treat, bananas are a safe alter­na­tive to Nutel­la. They pro­vide potas­si­um, vit­a­mins, and fiber for your fur­ry friend.


In con­clu­sion, Nutel­la is not safe for dogs due to its choco­late con­tent, sug­ar, and poten­tial inclu­sion of xyl­i­tol. These ingre­di­ents can cause var­i­ous health issues, rang­ing from obe­si­ty to theo­bromine tox­i­c­i­ty and can be espe­cial­ly dan­ger­ous for pup­pies. It is impor­tant to be vig­i­lant about what you feed your fur­ry friend, ensur­ing they have a bal­anced and nutri­tious diet. Instead of Nutel­la, offer them safe alter­na­tives like peanut but­ter, yogurt, or bananas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Nutella cause seizures in dogs?

Yes, Nutel­la con­tains theo­bromine, which can be tox­ic to dogs and may result in seizures if con­sumed in large quan­ti­ties.

Why is it important to avoid xylitol in Nutella?

Xyl­i­tol, a sug­ar sub­sti­tute found in some brands of Nutel­la, can be high­ly tox­ic to dogs, lead­ing to a dan­ger­ous drop in blood sug­ar lev­els and liv­er fail­ure.

Can tiny amounts of Nutella harm dogs?

Even small amounts of Nutel­la can pose risks to dogs, espe­cial­ly due to the choco­late con­tent and pos­si­ble pres­ence of xyl­i­tol. It is best to refrain from giv­ing Nutel­la to dogs entire­ly.

Is peanut butter a suitable alternative to Nutella for dogs?

Yes, peanut but­ter with­out xyl­i­tol is a safe and deli­cious alter­na­tive to Nutel­la for dogs. Make sure to check the ingre­di­ents before offer­ing it to your fur­ry friend.